Why Jetradar?

Are you wondering which App to use for travelling? Let me tell you, Jetradar is the best one I have ever used so far. Since I am a world traveler and love going places for adventures, photography and fill my blog with experiences, Jetradar helped me with budgeting my trips. It has so many features such as:

  1. Comparing over 750 different flight from different airlines.
  2. Multi-destination savings BIG TIME!!
  3. Map pricing on the APP. Jetradar . This is a cool feature for travelers because if you are planning your next trip, you can view the prices on a map. Say for instance you look at United States map; it will show you all the different prices.COOL!! If you are undecided to go somewhere, you can view the map and book your ticket immediately.
  4. You can download this app on your phone
  5. It has a favorite feature that will save you flight if you still undecided.
  6. Filters, much needed with BEST, DIRECT, and will give you options to upgrade to save time on flights but that’s with extra cost.
  7.  Jetradar is easy and friendly to use, just put your information and Bon Voyage!

Jetradar definitely will help you have a great experience on your adventures. Check out the pictures below.

Desktop View for Flights

Screenshot (7)

App View



Price Map


But I am not DONE yet, this is a desktop view website has also different search categories such as Hotels, Cars, Busses and Deals.


Screenshot (6)

I am very positive this App will help you in your travels. Don’t forget to try it out, it is free to download on your phone. Click on this link : “Jetradar

Safe Travels!!