Surrounded by Water


Every year on my birthday I travel download app-somewhere I never been. It is more of a yearly tradition. One thing that I like doing is to experience things that is different and challenging. This time, I made a trip to St. Thomas Island which is considered U.S Virgin Islands. I made a trip to Puerto Rico and booked my ticket from San Juan to St. Thomas for $131 round trip which is about 35 minutes flight.

The Norms

A normal person will book a hotel room in a resort to enjoy the services and luxury of a nice expensive stay. However, I am different. I used to do that but after traveling many places, I started thinking about budgeting my travels and focusing on spending money on more important things such as activities and transportation. Mainly these are fixed prices. What about to tell you may not fit every person that loves to travel. Some like to have that luxurious service, some like medium and some just want to have a place to sleep and shower nothing more nothing less.

Drive Safe

After landing in St. Thomas, shuttle took me to the rental car place, and here are few things you must know:

  1. It is better to have your insurance upon renting the car. Call the rental place and make sure they accept your current insurance. If not buy cheap one online while renting the car.
  2. Renting a car is cheaper than taking cabs to go places on the island. It might seem small on the map but you will be surprised. Traffic gets bad, especially when the cruise ships passing by and dock.
  3. Driving is on the left side. Unlike normal driving in most countries, driving can be little challenging on the island.
  4. Do not get sand in the car, you will be charged at least $100 for cleaning. It is better to keep it clean.

The challenge was to get to the location where I had rented my sleeping, luxurious and comfortable place to stay on the island for the next 4 days. Driving on the left side was little dangerous if you are not paying attention because your left is right and your right is left. The location was about 1 hour away. ARE YOU READY?

Challenge yourself

I rented a sailing boat to sleep in for 3 nights and 4 days in a gated marina. Does this sound cool? Wait for it. At first thought, many people think it is cool and easy, but you will be surprised. It takes an adventurous person to take such chance to sleep in a sailing boat alone. To me it was a great experience, and loved every single moment of it. However it is not meant for anyone and here is why:

  1. Although sailing boat was in a gated marina, that does not mean it is 100% safe.
  2. The sailing boat will fit maximum 2 people although there are beds for 4.
  3. Phone connection with internet was very weak and most of the time was not working. If you have ATT service, it might work.
  4. You have to be quiet because there were many boats around with people sleeping in them, so forget about boat partying.
  5. You might be sleeping and storm comes, thankfully did not happen while I was staying.
  6. You will be sleeping like a baby sleeping in a rocker.
  7. If you are not used to sleeping in a boat, you will wake up sea sick and dizzy.
  8. It will get really hot if you sleep in the main bed, I had to sleep in the middle space.
  9. Bathroom is very difficult to use. You must follow instructions or you will face major problems with the owner of the boat.
  10. Make sure you tell the owner to fill up the water tank for the boat day in advance, and try to save water usage because you might run out in the middle of taking a shower.
  11. You have to be careful walking on the boat, lots of wires and ropes.
  12. You would wish for the water to be calm and smooth while sleeping, else the boat will be rocking left and right all night long preventing you from a good night sleep
  13. Buy snacks and water, collect trash and take care of it, else you will be charged for cleaning fees.

Create your moments

I had an amazing time waking up in the morning on a cup of green tea, and a book to read before I head out for activities. Water is clear and you can see fishes swimming around. Sunrise is beautiful, cool breeze is relaxing. I loved every single moment of it and definitely would do it again.

Life is Beautiful

All the above were things that I didn’t know prior booking. However, it was a great learning experience and wanted to share them with you. In the end, traveling to me is all about challenges along the way that teaches you how to handle situations in real life. Over all I had an amazing time in St. Thomas. The island is beautiful, people are nice, and lots to explore. I hope this information will help you with your next trip.


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Envy VS Jealousy





In our time where social media is big part of our daily life, people tend to reveal their daily stories, personal life, even their family, friends, location, restaurants, travel and the list can go on. Social media is a double sword. It can be used for good or bad cause. Bottom line, a little education can get you far in your life if social media is used carefully.

What are the differences between Jealousy and envy? In this blog I will go deep into explaining most differences and impact on our society. I will analyze the correlation in between those two bad habits that people tend to do without previous thoughts.

What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is when someone is wishing to have what others own at that moment. Acting jealous mainly can be very abroad such as between friends, family, strangers, superstars, singers, and actors, anyone you see on social media or TV.  It could be beauty, status, position, or something tangible like a car, house, etc.  You can be driving a car that some of your friends will comment and say “nice car, man I wish I had that car.” It is nothing bad with being honest when it comes to close friends. Another scenario is when a girl is actually staring at another girl because her boyfriend is looking. That is another type of jealousy which most of the time causes arguments between couples. Do you see the differences between these thoughts that goes in the mind of human being? It could be vice versa. Let us not go deep into couple problems, we are focusing on jealousy here. Another scenario which most moms notice that when big brother playing with little brother at younger age get into arguments and end up fighting. Big brother does not want his little brother to play with his favorite toy. Mom comes in the middle and most likely little brother gets what he wants. Funny HA! Most of us went through and you know exactly how it ends up. Little brother wins, then jealousy hits, and big brother thinks his mom loves little brother more. Honest jealousy is another thing. You can tell someone that you are jealous because they are traveling to your favorite place that you cannot afford at the moment. But if you start wishing that person to have the worst experience and hopefully something comes up so they won’t travel, it becomes envy and this is what will discuss next. Notice that there is a thin line between Envy and Jealousy.

What is Envy?

Envy is when you wish harm to someone because either you don’t have what they have, or you own it but you don’t want others to obtain it. Mainly this horrible act is between same circle of family, friends, neighbors, or people we just met. A friend of yours pulls in with a nice car and your comment will be “man!!! How can he afford this expensive car?” Why would anyone want to ask this question? It could be because he knows something is not right about that person, or because he doesn’t want that person to drive a nicer car than him. All this is not important. When you see your friend is driving a nice car, before you make that comment above, many thoughts come in your head which are: How come I don’t have money to buy that car? How do I make more money to afford better car? Why is he making more money than me? I will let that sink in your head for little. Another scenario is when you are in college and one of your friends decided to be a doctor and you choose different path. Ten years down the road you see your doctor friend is making it, nice house, car, money, and beautiful chic to be his wife. Now, here is the tricky part, a family member will point out that your friend is living the life and you just barely making it; In a way calling you a loser. This is where it triggers enviness and you start asking all the negative questions. Going back to the car scenario, if you are not happy with what car you drive, maybe you should do something about it. A better approach will be “congratulations on your new car, I wish you a better one on your next one and maybe one day when I get a nice car like yours, we can go racing.” How hard is that? This will make a huge difference and will change your mindset of seeing things from a different perspective. You will have the motivation to look for better job that will allow you to afford nicer car.

Do Not Compare yourself or let anyone compare you with others

Can you envy or be jealous of Bill Gates on his success? Of course NOT!! Reason is that there is a big gap between a normal person and Bill. There are many steps to become as he is today. We tend to be jealous from people that are same level. For instance, a doctor can be jealous from another doctor because he is more successful. When a doctor is envy of another doctor is because he doesn’t want him to be a doctor in the beginning, and if he is more successful, that person wishes him harm and wants that taken away from him.

Envy and jealousy are bad habits, a soul destroyer and nobody wins at the end. This bad trait can be acquired from the way we were raised by family, or anyone that we surround ourselves with. Therefore, pay attention parents because envy is not a good way of building personalities by comparing your children to others. Some people were born rich, some born poor. Do not say loser, but instead say unfortunate. You can train your kids to challenge themselves to do better in life overall.  It is no one’s fault to be born they are. I want to focus on the parents as a general and normal way of acquiring good manners. Please teach your kids to be happy with what they have. If they want more, they need to work hard for it. Teach them how to help and be happy for others. Kindness and positive energy will create a positive return energy.

Social Awareness

Social media is very tricky. People have access to view their friends and family business. They see all these people with nice cars, travels, expensive cloth etc. It takes a strong and smart person to take control of these thoughts. People are training their brains to think negatively on a daily basis. What do you think this will lead to? This will lead to a shallow minded society with negative thinking, full of envy and jealousy that will create a social disaster.  I hope that people start thinking about being happy with things that they have, because there are people out there  that have 10% of what we have. Parents play a huge role in creating future generations. I suggest you start acting now before it is too late.

A doctor will envy another doctor, a singer will envy another singer, a homeless will envy another homeless, and if  you chose to do the same, you are definitely on right path of destroying your brain slowly. If you want to ne jealous, control it, be truthful in order to be motivated and do good for yourself.

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Isla Mujeres Cancun Mexico

Cancun  is full of many activities. Best advice I would give you is to plan what you want to do before you get there. Buy your packages from legit agents-never online- because it is 3 times more expensive.  This is one of the cool activities that must do to experience one of the best reefs in the world. As you see the sculptures, Musa is amazing. It is very friendly activity for singles, families, and couples.

This is my video from my trip to Mexico snorkeling in Cancun near Isla Mujeres .. Watch this full video of me snorkeling on my youtube channel.

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Santorini Curse! Is it REAL?

Santorini Curse! Is it Real?

For many of you who visited Santorini, Greece are very lucky to witness such an amazing and beautiful Island. The minute you land, you will notice the blue and white colors from long distance.

My experience was awesome! Fira was our first stop because we had to wait to check-in. After eating breakfast around 9 am, we had all the time in the word to walk till 3 pm. We decided to explore around and for some reason end up hiking, then went down to the bottom of the island, and all sudden we witnessed a beautiful view and took some photos. I can’t describe how beautiful is Santorini. I would ruin it for ya!! Food was delicious, healthy, and decent price if you are on a budget. It is clean, organized, stunning, and magical. People are very nice and welcoming. This is why traveling to that island is a must experience yourself. Believe me it is WORTH IT!!

The Santorini Curse! Is i real? I heard that Santorini has its own witchcraft spell.Sounds Funny!! It might be true, or maybe not. A local resident born and raised for 48 years who works at a local bar, told me that Santorini is not meant for couples that are still dating. He mentioned that only singles or married couple when they visit Santorini will stay together and live happily ever. I was shocked!! Of course I gave him that weird and I said to him “Yeah Right.” Maybe you should fool someone else with that bull. HA!! He told me based on his experiences with many couples breaking up after visiting Santorini and the stories that people tell him. Hmmm! I couldn’t believe what he was saying but then I noticed something after two days. Most of the people on that island, are either married with their kids, or singles!! I know this sound bizarre, but it could it be true? I am hoping that man is wrong, because it is a beautiful place to be with someone special.

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Bitcoin! How to Buy? Learn More


Bitcoin! Invest today for tomorrow.

I have been hearing about Bitcoin the cryptocurrency for a while and never occured to me to even look into it. Today I woke up with people posting on social media that they made money buying bitcoins and trading them. If you bought $100 of bitcoins in 2008, now you would have $75 Million. WOW!! Is that Real? Well yeah because now 1 BTC=$2400.  I actually invested today and bought about $100 worth of bitcoins, then lend them to borrowers and made about $45. Now you have to be aware of all the fees and interests. I suggest you do your research, understand the concept and then act on it. You can buy these bitcoins online and then lend them to people who request to borrow. This is the future of our currency. Many financial advisers are saying that Bitcoin price is on the rise now till 2019. I suggest you start investing on this futuristic currency. Click  Learn More and start investing.

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Why Jetradar?

Are you wondering which App to use for travelling? Let me tell you, Jetradar is the best one I have ever used so far. Since I am a world traveler and love going places for adventures, photography and fill my blog with experiences, Jetradar helped me with budgeting my trips. It has so many features such as:

  1. Comparing over 750 different flight from different airlines.
  2. Multi-destination savings BIG TIME!!
  3. Map pricing on the APP. Jetradar . This is a cool feature for travelers because if you are planning your next trip, you can view the prices on a map. Say for instance you look at United States map; it will show you all the different prices.COOL!! If you are undecided to go somewhere, you can view the map and book your ticket immediately.
  4. You can download this app on your phone
  5. It has a favorite feature that will save you flight if you still undecided.
  6. Filters, much needed with BEST, DIRECT, and will give you options to upgrade to save time on flights but that’s with extra cost.
  7.  Jetradar is easy and friendly to use, just put your information and Bon Voyage!

Jetradar definitely will help you have a great experience on your adventures. Check out the pictures below.

Desktop View for Flights

Screenshot (7)

App View



Price Map


But I am not DONE yet, this is a desktop view website has also different search categories such as Hotels, Cars, Busses and Deals.


Screenshot (6)

I am very positive this App will help you in your travels. Don’t forget to try it out, it is free to download on your phone. Click on this link : “Jetradar

Safe Travels!!