Hello 2019!

1.      Oil and gas companies will have some mass layoffs.

After the New Year of 2019, companies will go through another round of letting people go due to over-hiring in the last quarter and now is the time to shape things around.

2.      Restaurant industry will also take a hit in some cities in the USA.

The rise of cost of living in certain cities are forcing people into moving out to more affordable locations. Most restaurants open in areas where it has high population either residential or commercial

3.      Goodbye to passwords and say hi to a new way of identity theft protection called “Trusona”.

This company is taking over with their new technology in the next few months. You will see many companies switching to this technology. You might not like what the company has to offer with their accessibility to the personal information. Some companies might enforce this new tech on their employees and customers.

4.      Generation X & Y will dominate the workforce.

Most of the Baby boomers generation are preparing for retirement. The crossover from old school way of doing things into new millennial way will be taking over. Be ready for a huge shift in work environment, values, principles and leadership style.

5.      Ubereats, postmates, GrubHub and more apps in the food delivery will take over.

Most Small restaurants will benefit from this amazing apps, since they are mainly dependent on walk-ins and have few tables in the dining room. Big dining restaurants will have to experience lots of turnover in their staff due to lack of tip-income. Some restaurants may even close because many people are choosing to stay home which save them time, drive and gas.

6. Prepare for a recession.

Not to be negative, but recession will start knocking our doors soon. Many people are in debt due to mass loans being given to buy houses, open businesses or refinance. You know the drill!

7. Middle East and GCC conflicts 

Political conflicts will rise in the Middle East. The powerful countries are re-strategizing their interests. Either war is on the way or political solution. The most effective way for boosting economies is to create a war.

8. Lazy but not lazy     

More people will switch to online shopping versus going to any store, push a cart, wait in line to checkout, load the items in the car, and drive back home. Sounds like too much!! Time efficiency is the new trend now.

9.      “Cyber Cold War”

US-China, US-Russia cybersecurity street fight continues until who knows.

10. Work from Home? Oh YEAH!  

More remote jobs are created, companies save on their space and rent expenses.

11. Is it Social media or Business Media?  Maybe Both!

Social media is being used more for business than socializing. If you haven’t started yet, it is never too late.

12. European Union  

Europe will experience an economic crisis. We witnessed some strikes in France, it is not over yet. In the beginning of 2019, more countries will join the parade

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