Santorini Curse! Is it REAL?

Santorini Curse! Is it Real?

For many of you who visited Santorini, Greece are very lucky to witness such an amazing and beautiful Island. The minute you land, you will notice the blue and white colors from long distance.

My experience was awesome! Fira was our first stop because we had to wait to check-in. After eating breakfast around 9 am, we had all the time in the word to walk till 3 pm. We decided to explore around and for some reason end up hiking, then went down to the bottom of the island, and all sudden we witnessed a beautiful view and took some photos. I can’t describe how beautiful is Santorini. I would ruin it for ya!! Food was delicious, healthy, and decent price if you are on a budget. It is clean, organized, stunning, and magical. People are very nice and welcoming. This is why traveling to that island is a must experience yourself. Believe me it is WORTH IT!!

The Santorini Curse! Is i real? I heard that Santorini has its own witchcraft spell.Sounds Funny!! It might be true, or maybe not. A local resident born and raised for 48 years who works at a local bar, told me that Santorini is not meant for couples that are still dating. He mentioned that only singles or married couple when they visit Santorini will stay together and live happily ever. I was shocked!! Of course I gave him that weird and I said to him “Yeah Right.” Maybe you should fool someone else with that bull. HA!! He told me based on his experiences with many couples breaking up after visiting Santorini and the stories that people tell him. Hmmm! I couldn’t believe what he was saying but then I noticed something after two days. Most of the people on that island, are either married with their kids, or singles!! I know this sound bizarre, but it could it be true? I am hoping that man is wrong, because it is a beautiful place to be with someone special.

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