Fast Food Near Me! 2 secrets to order Fresh Fast food Burger and Fries.


Fast food near me!! 2 secrets on how to order a fresh fast food Burger

Many people in the US and different countries eat at fast food chains because they are considered a big market in the restaurant industry. How many of you actually know how to place an order and get the best fresh made burger with golden crispy fries? Yes, you heard me!! You might be wondering what the big deal behind all of this, it’s only a $4 dollar burger, and what else can I do to make it better!! Please let me explain, but first allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mike Al; been in the restaurant industry for almost 18 years now. I worked my way up from working in fast food to casual dining, fine dining to being a food critic and operation management. Restaurants are hard work, lots of details, and requires undivided attention.

Let me break this down for you. As you walk in to any fast food chain in US, McDonalds, Burger king, Jack in the box, Wendy’s, or Whataburger; all these restaurants have similar systems of operation. SOS- for speed of service- is the most important aspect of being a fast food chain. They focus on how fast a burger is delivered from the moment you place your order on the drive thru or inside the dining room until you take the first bite. Yummy!! Hold on, be patient. Now, I am going to reveal two secrets on how to get the best quality burger and enjoy every second of it.

  1. When you place an order on a burger, ask the cashier to put no seasoning on your burger.
  2. Ask the cashier that you would like the fries with no salt.

Still wondering how would this make any difference? Hmmm, are you ready for the answers? Allow me to explain. Most fast food restaurants drop up to 10 burgers on the grill with seasoning on top. It take 2min and 45 seconds at 350 degrees to grill a burger depending on the thickness, but we are considering standard burger patty that you see at any fast food chain. After the burgers are fully cooked, they move the burgers to a heated area of 280 degrees. The life span of these burgers are about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes pass, they are required to discard these patties.  Do you see where this going? Now once you place the order, the burger is already sitting for 1-3 minutes. Once you order with no seasoning, the cook must drop a BRAND NEW burger on the grill. Easy enough!! This method only applies on burgers in fast food chains only. If you go to a normal restaurant, most likely wait time is about 10-15 minutes and this method will not work. This method is best attainable at rush hours, between 11:30am to 2pm, where most people go to lunch at those times.  

Fries usually take 3 minutes to cook. During rush hours, the cook will drop a bigger batch in the fryer to have more than usual so they can speed up the process. After dropping the fries in the heated container/strainer, they sprinkle salt on top and mix. The lifespan of fries are in between 5-7 minutes. What happens when the fries sit for 4 minutes? They become chewy, colder, change color and don’t taste fresh. Once you ask the cashier to order your fries no salt, they have to drop a new batch and bag it for you with no salt. Guess what? The new batch had just been sitting for 1 minute. It still hot, crispy, fresh, and taste much better. You can ask the drive through cashier for salt now, and pour it on top. Smart right?! I know you are shaking your head now asking yourself how I came with this. One thing is details, focus, thinking outside the box, strategy, and most importantly is EXPERIENCE.

Golden Crispy Hot Fries


Brownish Old cold chewy fries


These methods are very useful only in fast food restaurants only. You can try it yourself and let me know how it worked for you. Now I showed you how to order a fresh fast food burger with jumbo fries on the side. Enjoy and Bon Appetite.

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 By: Mike Al  

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