Church Under Water




If you are wondering what is this long brick with cross doing in the middle of this lake? Well, there is a cool story behind it. Before the Colombian Government decided to turn this whole area into a lake to generate electricity for the surrounding villages, there used to be a village under water. Colombian government decided to pay for all the residents to move up the mountains except the people declined to demolish the church. They decided to keep the church under water and now as we see the cross it is still there till today. This lake is located in a 3 hr drive from Medellin Colombia, Guatape Area. If you want to experience a beautiful scenery with lakes, climb the La Piedra rock, this is the place to be. In addition, Pablo Escobar’s summer house-La Manuela is located near that  lake . It Is a great experience to view all these sights because it is breath taking when you climb almost 700 stairs to view the surrounding lakes. Here is an example of the scenery.

We live to learn. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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