For Mother’s Day

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Mothers are true blessing in this universe. Without their existence, life will discontinue. I dedicate this blog to all the Moms around the world for Mother’s Day. It was written to show a huge appreciation because there is nothing in the world will substitute their love, giving, and care. Now, I am sure you bought some lunch, dinner, gifts, wrote a love letter, or if you live far a phone call saying how much you miss and love her. Reality is no matter what we do to honor them, IT WON’T BE ENOUGH!! Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Mothers carried us for 9 months, some of you 7 months, the point is you were carried, some were heavy.
  2. Moms went through so much pain to push us into this world. Yet, they still push us to the last breath they take.
  3. Some mothers risk their lives to give birth and have babies. In some cases where doctors don’t recommend having babies because of certain health issues, yet they still do. WOW!! This is what we call determination.
  4. We were kicking them from inside their bellies numerous times, but they actually like it, take videos and post it on social media. Cool!!
  5. They fed us before we even made it to the world.
  6. Sleepless nights, surely enough no mother wants to be reminded of that.
  7. Change diapers. Really!? I can’t imagine –excuse my language- she put up with your stinky smell.
  8. Breastfeeding! Some of us have no idea how difficult that is. Some mothers don’t have enough milk to feed their babies, some have small nipples that the baby can’t get good suction. The pain and stress is enormous for some breastfeeding new mothers because they have to provide this important type of nutrition for their babies. Mother’s milk plays a huge role in the babies’ growth, supplying them with vitamins, enzymes,hormones and strong immune system.
  9. Unconditional love. Words can’t even express.
  10. They provide and put themselves last to ensure their babies’ happiness.
  11. They carried us for nights and days while they clean, cook, do laundry, and perform other duties because we couldn’t stop crying. CHEEZZZ!
  12. Mothers will defend their babies, oh and when I say defend, they will turn Bruce Lee on you if you even try. STEP BACK OR!
  13. They will not sleep nor stop worrying if you are sick, gone for a while, or haven’t spoken to them. Just admit it! Don’t we all lie to our moms on where we going so they stop asking us all these questions? YESSS!! Well they know what you are about to, but won’t tell you. It is called the 10th  sense HA!

Fun Fact: During pregnancy if the mother is suffering from organ damage, the baby will send stem cells to repair the damaged organ.

The list can go on, but these are few of them. Feel free to comment in the box below, share your stories with all mothers around the world, and also don’t forget to share my story with your friends.


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  1. I love it. Totally true be a mami change my life. I had one of the most difficult time in my life with my pregnancy but after all the pain, I was blessed with my beautiful boy. I think if I need to do it again just for the opportunity to have him in my life I will do it over and over again. Just because I love be the mom of my Alex.
    Thanks Mike

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