You never been to Colombia!!!

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If you want to experience great food, music, culture, scenery and breathtaking places, COLOMBIA !

Landed in Medellin Colombia, and let me tell you, it is magical!! La Piedra (The big rock) is a great experience.The view from the top after climbing almost 650 steps is breathtaking. It is located 3 hr drive from Medellin in Guatape, so my best advice is to leave by 7am to be back by 7 pm. Pablo Escobar’s farmhouse is 15 min boat ride in those lakes. I took few pictures with his custom made bikes, pool, and his clubhouse. Colombian burger would beat any American burger hands down. YESSS!! Believe it or not, it was delicious. I went to this place in Medellin called Jimmy’s address is -Cl. 33 #74b6, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia- in case you want to try it out. Also there a Hotel Charlee with a roof top pool where there is a panoramic view. At night they have a band that plays music while you are enjoying their cold refreshing beverages.

Next stop was Cartagena, Colombia. Lots of scenery, graffiti, fortress, churches, night life with bars and clubs. There are few islands where you can find nice white sand beach and clear water. I was not impressed with the local beaches in Cartagena. Isla De Rosario, St. Andres are your best choice. I had the best chicken tacos at SIMPLE restaurant located in the NH hotel inside old city. NO JOKE! there were the best tacos I had in my life speaking of that I am in the restaurant industry for the past 17 years as a food critic and restaurant consulting. I stayed in hotel Caribe, across the hotel there is a small place for Ceviche lovers.

I enjoyed every second of my trip in Colombia and definitely will go back for more. Thank you for reading this blog, stay tuned for more adventures.

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